Training wear

Appropriate comfortable clothing is required, such as leggings, crop tops, leotards, bike shorts, Tshirt (tighter fitting so when the child is upside down it is not going over their head). There are some secondhand leotards in the office. As the office is not always manned, arrangements to try on leotards need to be made in advance by emailing the club.

Competition Leotard and Uniform

In addition to training attire, all competitive gymnasts will be required to purchase the following.


Competition leotard (leotards to fit correctly, not allowing undergarments to show).

Club competition jacket (with purple springers logo)

Matching black club pants (with or without piping, no logos – optional)

All hair tied back neatly.

No jewellery, no nail polish, no makeup.


Competition unitard, competition pants (Longs) & competition shorts.

Club competition jacket (with blue springers logo)

Matching black club pants (with or without piping, no logos – optional)

Long hair tied back neatly.

No jewellery.

Club Hoodies

Grey-marle club Hoodies are available for sale during the colder months. The Hoodies come in 2 different styles (Kanga front pocket & a full front zip) and sizes from children’s size 6 to adult XXL. The springer’s logo (purple) is screen printed small on the front and large across the back.

The Hoodies are a casual garment and not an official part of the gymnast’s uniform. There is currently limited stock.

Club Polo Shirts

These purple & black Polo shirts are comfortable and easy to wear. They are available to order usually in the first half of the year, before our annual competition in July. Sample Polo shirts sizes are available to try on in the club office. Polo tops ordered through Joroni Embroidery.
The committee need to decide what we are going to do about club shirts.